Accidents Happen

Although we don't like to talk about or think about it, accidents do happen. Many of you may know I was involved in a serious accident this summer and am slowly recovering and making my way back onto the bike. This is not about my accident, but the information I have learned in dealing with an accident that I feel all cyclists should know.

I was unaware that while I was cycling I was being covered by my Auto insurance policy. As pointed out to me by my lawyer after the accident many people driving around are uninsured and even more up to 60% are under insured. Medical bills from an accident mount quickly and unless the person who is at fault has over $100000.00 in coverage you are going to take a financial hit. I was unaware of this and could have protected myself by increasing my own un/under insured motorist on my own policy but had set the limits lower since I have great medical. In the instance that you are hit by an under insured motorist your own policy would kick in for the higher limits but they do not piggy back if yours is less. Any road cyclist in my opinion should have at least $100 000.00 per person coverage.

The losses from an accident mount quickly and even with good insurance your out of pocket expenses could be at least 10% of the Medical Insurance companies bill (easily in the $1000's) plus replacing your equipment and long term physical therapy. The great kicker is that the medical insurance companies have first claim on any settlement and if you combine that with lawyer fees and under insured motorists, you will be lucky to replace your gear. Many people envision a big settlement and have made such statements to me. If you're lucky, you might be hit by the rich guy in the Ferrari but you might be with me and get hit by the 1981 Camry from East Torrance.

Take the time to go over your insurance policy and check to make sure you have enough coverage.Talk with club sponsor Teresa Steele (see website for link) or Kenny Blanks who are both in the insurance industry.

If you are unfortunate to be hit,  get yourself a good lawyer who understands cycling and our club sponsor Gerry Agnew (see website link) is a great place to start. Gerry and his team have worked hard to try and rescue me from a tough situation and will do the same for any cyclist.

Hopefully this will help you not make the same mistakes as me and stay safe out there.

Palm Desert Century Report

On Nov 12 2011, It rained in Palm Desert, Ca. and John Prosser, Richard Rivera and Kenny Blanks were there to witness it. They all were cold and wet but managed to ride through it. A good time was had, though I just wonder who it was that had it. All kidding aside we all made it and are all the stronger for it. Hope some of you join us next year.

Track Day

Thank's Jeff for a great turn out for Track day with 21 members getting certified for a ultra low price!

Track day photos

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